My Passion

Why do I do this work?

They say a person that enjoys their job never works a day in their life….Since starting Dragonfly I have worked so hard whilst not “working” if that makes sense.

I have worked in an office environment, in care, in education and even did a stint in motor mechanics and most of this felt like very long, hard and sometimes tedious work.

But creating and rediscovering beautiful outdoor spaces excites me and I find it so very satisfying to make something overgrown and unusable into a wonderful space.

Maintaining garden spaces, that may have become a bit much for a client, to keep them neat and tidy also makes me feel great as I know that I am providing a usable and safe place to be enjoyed on warm summer days.

It’s not just the gardens and home care that drives me to do this work, it genuinely and honestly is working for nice people that gets me up in the morning.

Yes, Dragonfly is a small company and that is why you will get better service from me than you will from larger companies. 

You are not just a “source of revenue” to be part of a factory production line approach. That doesn’t mean I/we can’t satisfy your requirements and using my network of trusted traders can manage most jobs, big or small!!!

Who said being small was a bad thing?

Why choose Dragonfly?

Reliable, Friendly Service

You'll not find a more friendly and reliable service guaranteed. Many of my clients are now my friends which creates wonderful working relationships

Flexible to Client's Needs

I work with clients to ensure that all scheduled work suits our diaries and timeframes. I use state-of-the-art schedule management software

Established Gardening Skills

Years of toil in the soil has given me an excellent working knowledge of how to make the most of outside spaces and select suitable flora and fauna

Ongoing Service & Support

I am more than happy to schedule regular work with my wonderful clients to ensure that their home and garden are kept in first class condition

Great Fixed Rate Value

My hourly rate is a fixed price and I will provide estimates on requests. No job is too small or big as I have my network of trusted traders as needed